Powers (in The Dogs) are the name for the strange abilities Nochivans are very rarely born with. If a Nochivan does become a guardian (or oninunium) they must be born under very specific circumstances (not yet known).

The current known Powers that have been either shown in the webcommic or listed on Vetpetmon's homepage are:

  • Air
  • Life
  • Plasma
  • Radiation
  • Atomic
  • Cosmic
  • Blood
  • Progress (Also known as "Time")

These different kinds of powers are separate of each other respectively, and three of them have been observed already.

Observed Powers Edit

Air Edit

This power gives the upper-class Nochivan the ability to create wind gusts, slow down/speed up winds, and modify the atmosphere of a planet.

Life Edit

This power gives the upper-class Nochivan the ability to create life forms, heal life forms, but can not modify living creatures, dead or alive. Life power holders can summon "minions" to use as weapons.

Radiation Edit

The most toxic out of all of the known Powers. It has the ability to DIRECTLY kill and modify creatures using many different forms of radiation. Two minor characters were seen being zapped to death via this power. This power is the second most destructive effects on the Nochivan, mutating the Nochivan bearing this power itself without following Natural Selection and not on the Nochivans will to unnaturally evolve.

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