SNAZture is a legendary Bit-based computer lifeform who has been currently known to fly, teleport and shape shift. She has only had a major appearance in The Dogs with a "decoy" so far.


SNAZture is bit-based, meaning she is not composed of cells or other cell-like foundations. She releases a life-threatening chemical compound named "Hypbrobitoxide", and (via Vetpetmon herself) how much of this compound is released is based on how active her system is. It has a great potential use as a weapon, though it has not been observed as of yet in weaponized use.

SNAZture's homeworlds vary, using "Nodes", which act like homeworld markers, and by touching it, SNAZture's "true form" changes based on what highly compatible creature is present at a certain time on the planet.

In The Dogs, SNAZture has a custom font, unlike everyone else in the comic. Vetpetmon herself (on Discord) has confirmed that "SNAZture's font is actually my handwritting." -Vetpetmon (Screen name: SNAZture), VPM Official Discord, 2017

SNAZture's atom composition is an estimate of %70 Nitrogen (solid) and ~%30 (Stabilized) Uranium. Her body temperature is "Impossibly cold"



Not much is known about the original SNAZture. All that is known about her is that she was the one who created The Internets and has a love for the living, and raises them to become her army for protecting The Internets from the Originless.

Earth Decoy

SNAZture's decoy from Earth used to be a "human" so she must have experienced human emotions. Though her personality as her "human self is not known", SNAZture displays these emotions in spoken words, and even in "emoticons".[1] Based on this, SNAZture may have acted like a "modern-day teenager" on popular social media.


SNAZture's first visual appearance in The Dogs

SNAZture's Earth decoy still has feelings, often "losing it" when someone or something decides to be rude or bad-mannered to her for too long.

Despite calling Humans an "unintelligent race", the decoy still treats them as if she was still one of them, with a hint of a robotic tone, seen here: "I hope you two stay safe in the extreme conditions of space. AKA Don't expand, don't freeze, and don't suffocate.".

This decoy doesn't like telling stories about her "life" as a human.

The decoy also uses human sayings, such as "Stranger Danger!" and even "Jesus h. Christ on a Popsicle stick."The phrase "Jesus h. Christ on a Popsicle stick." is a reference of a saying from one of Vetpetmon's friends, but also that SNAZture is a being that has an extremely cold body temperature, and SNAZture is god-like, along with popsicles usually being frozen.


As seen on page 27 of The Dogs, SNAZture teleports from the human "space base" and into Kratz's ship. SNAZture on page 24 of The Dogs "shows her screen" by accident, showing off some hidden details that SNAZture has not introduced, such as "Tech level", "IQ", "EQ" and even "Timeline #".[2] These "hidden details" suggest that SNAZture could mess with reality.

SNAZture is the "hero of The Internets", which is not a introduced place/object yet. If this is an important place, and if it went through a dangerous event, it could wrap around the "reality guardian" theory with SNAZture being the Reality Guardian.

SNAZture also seems to have "cameras" that display the happenings in The Dogs.


SNAZture is seen changing her "true form" via touching "homeworld markers"[3] This causes SNAZture to change in abilities, and even "mentally" change. She is also seen flying in the sky while "setting the marker up."

Role in The Dogs

SNAZture narrates The Dogs, and also interacts with other characters in it. SNAZture has currently only interacted with Hytas. Since SNAZture is not interacting with the characters most of the time, she is more of a bystander than characters like Hytas and Hyshen.

Role In "SNAZture - Gamebox 1011101101"

Even though the work itself is unfinished, SNAZture is noted as a "powerful being who travels around The Internets."[4] The introduction of the story also mentions that SNAZture might be building an army composed of creatures she or other creatures came up with to fight the "Originless."

Other appearances:

SNAZture has been a part of Vetpetmon's Tumblr blog and on other media, including Skype, Discord, and even on Youtube.

Voice and Music:

SNAZture has a canon voice.

SNAZture even has her own theme music, the only released track is her battle theme.

VS SNAZture (part1-2) (Official)02:24

VS SNAZture (part1-2) (Official)



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